Family owned and operated since 1976.   First off we are a higher quality carpet cleaner so we are not the cheapest. We are also not a discount company.  Our discount is in our result and satisfaction. We only use the Hot Water Extraction Maintenance Method (Steam Cleaning). Its is a wetter method but we leave it dryer then most steam cleaners and do a thorough job.  Hot water extraction cleaning is the only method required for carpet manufacture warranties.  No one cleans the way and does the same service we do. We have a unique and complex system.  We are the oldest carpet cleaning company in the area and our system comes from experience.   Hearing this from a friend or family is the best way to understand our company.  We have a minimum charge which makes our setup and small jobs worth while.  

For Residential Carpet Cleaning Pricing-  which is majority of our work, we charge Unit Pricing. Unit pricing works by have a minimum service charge and this charge is based on the largest area we are cleaning.  This minimum price varies based on the type and size of room thats is being cleaned.  Our absolute minimum setup charge is $175.  That price is based on a bedroom or smaller area.  If it is a living room or a bigger room the minimum cost is more.  After that minimum price occurs, it turns to a standard charge which will be the price on all the other areas after the first area.  The standard charge of a regular bedroom is $50 a room.   (An example of a approximate price for a house---- Cleaning the carpets in a living room, dining room and three bedroom- it would be approx. $400).  It can cost more if it is really soiled or a lot of furniture moving.( Situations that take more time)  Unit pricing typically benefits the larger homes compared to square footage pricing.  Because of our minimum charge we recommend having all the carpets done at once.  If you want to split the cleaning in two or more different days it will cost a lot more.   We are more expensive but a good call if you cant buy new carpet which is really expensive and a hassle to move all your stuff out. 

 All Carpet Cleaning Professionals are different.  Majority of Carpet Cleaners think they know what they are doing and only a few carpet cleaners prove it.  It is a myth to think carpet cleaning is easy.  I do not recommend cleaning carpet yourself or using store rentals.   If the price is your main concern opposed to quality then you might be more satisfied by using a cheaper carpet cleaner.  If you tried the rest and are not satisfied, that is where we make a difference and you never know in till you try our service.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning- we typically charge square footage, which ranges from 35c a sqft. to 45c a sqft which occurs after minimum.   On smaller offices we charge unit pricing.  We do a high quality deep steam cleaning and Not a low moisture maintenance cleaning which is a lot cheaper and less thorough. Minimum first area charge $175 and will be the price of 150 sqft or less. After this minimum the standard square footage price comes into effect.  

Upholstery Pricing- Love Seat $175-$200  Couch $225-$300  Sectional $275-$500  Recliner $80-$100.  Dining Chair (seat only $15)(arm and back add $20+).

Area Rug Cleaning-Sorry we no longer take on natural fiber rugs, the former owner Dan Jones sold his rug cleaning shop and retired.  We can take care of synthetic rugs at your home or on site but we will refer you to use someone else on natural fiber rugs.  Natural fiber rugs are wool. cotton, jute and silk.  Best to have your synthetic rugs done with the wall to wall carpet cleaning.  Please be prepared to have a clean place to dry the rugs.

Tile Cleaning-  Sorry no longer taking on tile jobs as carpet cleaning is our specialty. Please refer to another company. 

The prices above are for Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Avila, Nipomo, Santa. Maria and San Luis Obispo locations. The price for Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cayucos, Huasna Town-site and deep country locations have a minimum of $225. We go above the Grade or to Cambria and up Hwy 1 at a minimum of $400, which will can include cleaning two areas instead of one. These higher minimum prices are to accommodate time and gas.  

Scotchgard Application is 50% of the cost of the cleaning being done.  Minimum protector charge is $80.  

A quick note on Landlord/Tenant contracts.
There a few landlords that contract and require that their tenants to use our company to clean the carpets in their rentals.  First off we do not promote these contracts.  We are not a contract company and these rental contracts are strictly between the Landlord and Tenant.   These contracts are to ensure the landlord that the carpets is cleaned right.   We prefer to deal with the owner or someone that WANTS to have their carpets cleaned not someone who HAS to have them clean.  Though we don't suggest these contracts, we will not turn down the work.  

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