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Jones serves Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, Avila, Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cayucos, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Oceano, Santa Maria, Orcutt, Nipomo and possibly surrounding areas. We Clean Residential and Commercial Carpet and Upholstery. 

Jones is for those who are looking for a better quality maintenance cleaning. Our pricing is quality pricing and we are not the lowest cost service. If cost is your main concern please inquire a free quote before scheduling. Not all services are the same. 

Jones uses the Hot Water Extraction Method and do not use concentration cleaning sprays.  We convey our hot water extraction cleaner as oppose to the cheap quality pre-spray extraction method.   Our cleaning method is a great method to try if your not happy with your carpets and upholstery or had poor cleaning experiences. Most people notice and enjoy our cleaning difference after they try us.  Our method is not easy and why most other cleaners do not understand it or can not provide our type of cleaning method. 

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A quick word for landlords on tenant contracts. 
Its a true honor that numerous landlords want to use our services only when they put Jones on their contract to perform the cleaning when their tenants move out.  On the other hand Jones is not a contract company and Jones does not recommend landlords do this.  Jones recommends landlords instead put a mandatory cleaning fee on their contracts for the move out carpet cleaning.  Then the landlords can hire Jones or who they want at that time instead of the tenants.  Tenants want the cheapest, not the best and Jones wants to be a option of the choices of cleaners out there, not to be a mandatory service.  Thanks to all the landlords that support us.  Nick Jones

Tips-Every Carpet Cleaner is Different.
All carpet cleaners are taught and certified the same.  That does not mean they clean the same.  There are thousands of cleaning product and every different company tries and uses these products in there own opinions.  The problem with most the cleaners you can buy, they cause grime. From Professional products (Pre-sprays/Deodorizers) to Diy spotters and Diy deodorizers.  98% of these products sold cause grime and create rapid re-soiling that is hard to remove...  There is a standard additive ingredient called surfactant that is great for laundry but not so much for carpets, do to the time between cleanings. Carpets and upholstery need to stay cleaner longer then laundry.   Jones avoids these grime causing products which comes with and takes experience to understand.   The best carpets you can buy last 30+years if maintained right and most cleaning products are avoided at all times on it.  People that are most happy with there carpets are the people who avoid treating there carpets and leave it to a experienced professional.  New carpets are nice but not as satisfying as 20+ year old carpet that still looks close to new.  

Every Carpet cleaner has there advantage, most cleaners are in a rat race to be the cheapest. (quick and cheap)  That type of cleaning is not quality. A lot of times these cheap cleaners end up not being the cheapest by either having to hire to re clean the carpet by someone better, replace the carpet or live with the un healthy grime that is commonly caused. A lot of people have this 99 dollar steemer special in there mind and get caught up on that price.  Carpets are about maintenance and should be cleaned and maintained right for your health and fabric longevity. Its best to find a professional cleaner you can trust and know is going to do a fabulous job every time, not the cheapest.   Whats is the most expensive, it is new carpet and Jones is a great option to avoid the cost and process of replacing your carpets.  Jones has saved or prolonged many carpets for 30+ years.

Word On Buying Carpet Fibers
If you are buying new carpet soon Jones highly recommends buying NYLON plush type carpets and avoid nylon patterns types. Nylon's advantages is it softness, oil phobic ability and memory for long lasting.   Nylon disadvantage through bad maintenance by discoloring easily, yellowing happens when covered by area rug or etc.  Nylon maintained by Jones is the best carpet.  We also call Nylon Synthetic Wool.  Wool is great in rarely used areas. We have customers that are extremely thrilled with there old nylon carpets.

Carpets we recommend avoid buying for houses is the Smart Strand fiber, polyester or olefin.
The Smart stand fiber is a modified polyester fiber.  These fibers are oil loving, turns rough and has poor memory that turns into a permanent traffic pattern or shading.
Polyester type of fibers are strong fibers but typically there fiber shape do not last more then 10 years and are prone to griming up.  If you maintain it right they can last 20 years.  Polyester and Olefin are better for garages, outdoors and entrances.   Our cleaning process is the best for all types of fibers and fiber longevity.

Fibers for upholstery fibers, Jones recommends buying synthetics fibers and avoid natural fibers.


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