Carpets and Fabrics are truly great things if taken care of with care.   Fabrics provide warmth, coziness, comfort, absorbency, air filtration and decoration.  The things fabrics bring us make carpets and upholstery a wonderful thing we see as normal.  It is a privilege to have what our fabrics provide, and because of all this, carpets and upholstery should be maintained correctly.  Having someone who spends time with fabrics on a regular basis and understands the energizes of each carpet or fabric is the best way to have you carpet/fabrics maintained.

Jones highly recommends understanding discipline of carpets and upholstery. Using fabric spotters and spraying fragrances or deodorizer on your carpets can cause rapid poor soiling, degrade fabric life, allow BACTERIA to thrive and many other hidden problems. Carpet and upholstery are fabrics that needs to stay cleaner longer and most products should be avoided on your fabrics for that reason because of fabric discipline. Laundry is different because we wash our clothes every time we wear them. Washing machines handle this issue. It is a good concept to understand most products have a universal ingredient that leaves a durable poor residue behind in your fabrics and understand the discipline from this. 

Why and what is this poor quality ingredient in most these fabric treatment products you can buy.  It is a chemical that gives the ability to mix water with oil.  Most fabric cleaners made, can not be made with out mixing oil with water, but our cleaner is a alternative to this.  This ingredient Jones avoids is poor quality for fabrics but is high quality in a lot of other industries, which is why these chemist use it on carpets/fabrics as a standard. This oil mixing ingredient benefits the sellers of the products way more then the appliers of the product or the end result carpet/fabric owners and occupiers. Chemist can not sell a fabric treatment product where the water and oil separate.  Even the big carpet making manufacturer love this ingredient because it degrades carpets faster to repeat there sales faster.  This ingredient is the opposite attraction of what Fabric Protector Do like SCOTCHGARD.  This oil and water mixing ingredient promotes fabrics to being water and oil loving vs. scotchgard, which promotes fabrics being water and oil phobic or repelling.    

The cleaner we use still helps tremendously after a carpet or fabric that have been sprayed and treated with diy(do it yourself) products but our best results is on the carpets that don't have diy product residues in them or with the people who understand discipline of fabrics. From this information some people will be happier with our results then others, in till this durable residue is degraded or removed. The durability of this mixing ingredient can take multiple maintenance cleaning from us to remove or degrade, if it is not reapplied.  

 Our cleaner is different then all these diy products you can buy, even different then most other professional carpet cleaners and they use similar to diy products which are poor quality type products too. Its best to have your fabrics maintained by a high quality carpet and upholstery cleaner on a regular basis and try not to clean or treat your fabrics yourself. 
Just using Jones's high quality cleaning alone leads to healthy, vibrant long lasting fabrics. Tip-- if you must treat your fabrics, blotting with plain warm water doesn't leave a residue. Also use in the air or plugin deodorizer/fragrance instead of spraying on the carpet. Fabrics smell best with no residues added, and deodorizer/fragrance or spotter residues add bad odors after the pleasant original smell evaporates away. 

This information is to help and not offend or point at anyone. You want to treat your carpets that is up to you, Jones just wants people to be more aware of what happens to fabrics.  DIY Cleaning products are becoming more abundant but not any better cleaning then before.   Lack of carpet discipline is very common and a learning experience many fabric owners/occupiers experience.  Most people eventually learn and rise above this discipline or they end up removing and dislike having carpet or fabrics.  A  lot of other professionals fabric cleaners don't help with this discipline either and have or can make your carpets worse with the standard poor chemistry they often use. (Example of bad cleaning experiences- over wetting, poor quality cleaners, weak cleaning equipment, quick or to long of cleaning process, lack of experience and so on).  It is up to carpet owners/occupiers to find the best way to maintain their carpets to work best for them.  A lot of people try our cleaning or were recommended to us after dealing with a bad cleaning experiences and when they do use Jones they tend to like their carpet/fabrics way better.  Most people don't understand our cleaning or price in till they hear about us, try us or have had a bad experience. You can compare Jones against the rat race bargain cleaners or you can compare Jones against new carpet, and Jones has saved a lot of carpets.  A experienced Realtor is a good referral source for finding someone to clean your fabrics.  We are a great experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning source you can trust.

Do we charge for pets stains? Most of the time NO we do not. Our cleaner is multi functional and does a great job through our maintenance cleaning on pet incontinence issues. The standard thoroughness of our hot-water extraction accomplishes our goal of helping with pet issues. That said pet occupancy will never allow your fabrics to be perfect. Carpet pad replacement is recommended a lot of the time because cleaning pad through the carpet is a bad quality cleaning which creates more problems. Cleaning surface fibers often is the next best thing to do if pad replacement is not a option or pet problem still occurs.  We do a whole lot better on pet issues with out diy products, pet products or any residues added to it.  We recommend cleaning every 3 months with pet occupancy. We are a maintenance cleaner and not a pet expert but we do appreciate your pets. 

Thanks for your Interest in Jones and you can call us at 805-481-1224